World Maintenance Forum


  • Industrial Maintenance – The International Event will focus on Industrial Maintenance, Pharma, BioTec and Food Industry, Hospital Engineering and Maintenance, Infrastructure, Logistics and Building Maintenance.
  • Assessments – Assessment and Monitoring as well as Education, Training and Qualification of Maintenance Personnel are crucial processes. They have to be considered in a much more global context – referring to required Conditions of the Assets and corresponding Maintenance Functions, the Competencies of the Maintenance Personnel and the International Standards.
  • Auditing System – Research and Development for implementing a global and transparent Auditing System is on the road map of the World Maintenance Forum.
  • Managing Risks and Training People
  • Good Practice in Risk Management is an integral part of running High Quality Maintenance. Risk Management is based on structured Management Processes, including internal and external Stakeholders. To-day, Maintenance Personnel should have certain Competencies in Risk Management.
  • Automation and Robotic – Maintenance in a highly automated environment has become critically important to a lot of Maintenance Clusters. New ways for education and training are in the European pipeline “Leonardo Da Vinci”.
  • To close the Gap – Between Facility-, Asset Management and Maintenance Management, there is a gap. A better communication between the different players would increase the compatibility of corresponding products and systems. In any case, the Strategy of Maintenance should be in line with the Strategy of the Organization.
  • Seeking Higher Standards – Sustainability and the New Role of Maintenance in our Society surrounded with an extremely volatile Financial Environment are forcing business and consumers to pay more attention to the impact of their activities. Innovative Systems for Maintenance and future Maintenance Tasks will be in the focus for being more competitive.

The Congress Organizing Committee invites interested parties to submit abstracts of papers suited for presentation at the Congress. Abstracts will be considered and approved by the Congress Organizing Committee. When an abstract has been accepted, instructions regarding the preparation, format and timetable of the final paper will be issued. As English will be the official congress language lectures should be held in English (please consult the Organizing Committee for exceptions).

Please send us your abstract before 16 November 2012